Lilly is heartworm positive.  We are so low on funds we are having a hard time paying for her treatment.  We are not going to give up on her and she could use all the help she can get.   If you would like to donate to her treatment she would be very appreciative.  You can click here to do so.   Just remember we are 501(c)(3) so your donation could be tax deductible, it’s really a win win situation.

Are you ready for a lifetime of love? If so, you’ve found the right Gal! My name is Lilly, but my foster mom calls me Lill-a-Belle. I’ve had a pretty full life for such a young girl…but let’s save that for later because I’d rather talk about ME ME ME ME!

I am an AWESOME dog!
I am a pure bred All American Shelter Dog!

I get along well with the other four dogs in the house and am doing great with the cats. I don’t know they are itty bitty, so I may need supervision at first!

I am a calm, gentle natured young girl (just about two) and I am happy just to lie at your feet while you cook or rest my head in your lap while you are reading a book. I’m not a complete sack of lazy….I love to play outside. I’m not much on playing fetch, I mean, after all, if you wanted it, why did you throw it? But I love to play “JUMP”. Just hold a toy high in the air and I will jump all the way up there and get it. I like playing “TUG” too!

I am everything you would expect from a lil Southern (Lill-a-)Belle like myself:
I am potty trained and crate trained
I don’t chew or dig or destroy anything
I smell heavenly (baths are ok with me though)
I walk well on a leash and know sit and shake.
I take a tooth brushing well and you can clean my ears without a fuss
I have finally mastered eating off a spoon! Oh the delightful treats I get
from a spoon!
I do not climb fences and I have been taught to sit at a gate or
door until invited (though sometimes I get a little bit excited
and forget what I have learned).
Nail trimming? No trouble there either
I don’t pay much attention to chickens, but squirrels are another story!

My foster mom feeds me the best of treats, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots….all fresh from the garden and I love them. It helps me keep this girlish figure of mine…um, what? Oh, okay Mom. Hey, Mom says she’d like to say a few things, so I’ll hand over the keyboard to her. Hope to see you soon!

Lill-a-Belle is a super good dog. She’s calm natured and great in the house. She is big and clumsy walking on a leash, but she is very polite and has great house manners. She never barks and never begs for food. I can’t imagine the folks that dumped her at MCAC in Georgia! They obviously trained her (and bred her) but then dumped her. Through the miracle of Facebook and crossposting, an adopter was found on her “last day” but sadly, she backed out. The woman whom had arranged all the transport for Lilly decided to rescue her for herself (except she was in Texas and Lilly was in Georgia and she had to be saved NOW)….so, one flight later, she was here in South Carolina, thanks to another miracle, Pilots N Paws (

So, there’s nothing flashy about Lilly, but she proves to be ALL dog. Deeply intone to the humans around her and a true Queen. She brings a bunch of truth to the very wise saying “Honey, love ain’t always fireworks and big bangs, sometimes it just slips thru the back door and you never saw a thing til it was sitting at your kitchen table”. She is perfect for person or family seeking to add a companion that will blend in quickly and behave well.

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