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RIP Chance

Chance came to us from Greenville, SC back in June.  When we first saw him, his name was Nappy and he was in very bad shape.  We immediately knew we wanted to help him and try to give him a good life.  Laurie, in Texas, drove 16 hours to go pick him up and take […]

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Lilly is heartworm positive.  We are so low on funds we are having a hard time paying for her treatment.  We are not going to give up on her and she could use all the help she can get.   If you would like to donate to her treatment she would be very appreciative.  You can […]

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Lost Dog Gray Court, SC

Hello fellow Pet Lovers and Shelters – I am looking for my female mixed breed dog “Meesha” who went missing a week ago on Oct 8, 2011 from our home in Gray Court, SC. There were nearby gun shots and she is afraid of loud noises and she ran off. She had her collar on […]

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Benjy in Severe Pain

Rescue Friends : We need your help desperately ! Benji one of Nileydog Rescue Pups jumped this morning and landed wrong and has a compound fracture on his back paw . He is at the vet in severe pain and we need to raise 1,000$ asap for his surgery . He is having an external […]

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Look! We now have video!

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Stolen Bulldog in Cumming Georgia

Attention GA friends -An English Bulldog who was adopted by EBRG is missing.   Shadow has been taken from her families backyard in Cumming GA. ERBG will give a $ 500.00 reward for any information to her where abouts…this is URGENT and we need everyone’s help!! She is a 7yr old female with very worn […]

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Duke Has Been Adopted

Duke was adopted this week and now has a wonderful forever home.  He got to go to the beach for the very first time and he had a great time.  His new mom loves to take him everywhere with her.  He is now a very spoiled, very happy dog. 

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Delilah Wins Top Dog Award

Delilah helped raise money for the Anderson County Humane Society in South Carolina.  The competition was fierce but she walked away with the top dog award.  Great job Delilah and everyone who was involved.  Seems like a great time was had by all.   Delilah will be up for adoption in Houston, TX in September.

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Chance Update

Back in June we told you about Chance, a little dog from Greenville, SC who had a pretty bad skin condition.   After countless trips to the vet and numerous medication he is still a sick little dog.   His skin condition looks worse and he has lost more hair.   We have ruled out any auto immune […]

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Lady Update

Well Lady is sure taking in all the sites on her travels.   She made it safely to Florida, after breaking out of jail (a high kill shelter) in California.  She has decided she was ready to settle in and has become a bit of a handful for the woman who adopted her, so she is […]

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Lilly and Her Wiggly Tail

Its not very often you get to see a Boxer with a tail, but Miss Lilly has the best tail we have seen on a Boxer.  Luckily for her no one ever clipped it.  She loves to run around and chase it.  Lilly was pulled from a high-kill shelter in Georgia.  She is heartworm positive […]

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Delilah Enjoying Her New Life

  Delilah is having a great time with her temporary foster parents.  She was recently pulled from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina.  She is enjoying being completely spoiled and getting the TLC that she deserves.  She is about a year old, maybe a bit younger.  She will be on her way to a permanent […]

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